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This repository of texts is a community effort to collect, edit, and make available important and often rare Sanskrit and Bengali texts that belong to the Caitanya Vaisnava tradition. It will eventually contain carefully edited and proofread editions of the whole corpus of Caitanya Vaisnava texts and many other important Sanskrit texts from other traditions and fields of study.


Together, we can preserve scriptures and enable scholars to study and research them. For that, the following contributions are most welcome:
  • adding: digitizing Sanskrit texts using OCR software
  • editing: proofreading already completed texts
  • developing: improving the software platform of Grantha Mandir
  • donating: help us paying employees who digitize texts
  • communicating: re-activate email newsletter informing about recent publications, and seva opportunities
Contact us for more details.

People behind the project

Jan Brzezinski, PhD (Jagadananda Das), Sacinandana Dasa, Vraja Mohana Dasa
Software Development
Ananda Loponen developed this website
Advaita Dasa, Ekkehard Lorenz, Gaurapada Dasa, Gary Thomas, Haricarana Dasa, Malika Das (M.A.), Matsya Avatara Dasa, Neal Delmonico (PhD), Robert Gafrik (M.A.), Srivatsa Goswami, Toke Lindegaard Knudsen (MSc), Victor Di Cara (Vraja Kishora Dasa)

Support the project

Please consider helping the Gaudiya Grantha Mandira with a generous donation. The project appreciates financial support and contributions of texts. Every cent donated will be used to help support and improve this site and the texts we make available here. We have made an enormous amount of progress in the last couple of years, but there is much more to do. looking at the potential, we are still close to the beginning. Read more...

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Recently uploaded and updated files at Grantha Mandira.

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Ramanuja: Vedārtha-saṅgraha

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Nimbarka: Śrī-vedānta-pārijāta-saurabhaḥ

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Prabodhananda Sarasvati: Vrindavana-mahimamrita

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Jitante Stotram

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Kavi Karnapura: Ānanda-vṛndāvana-campū :: Part 2

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Kavi Karnapura: Ānanda-vṛndāvana-campū :: Part 1

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Bhagavata Purana :: Canto 02 :: Five commentaries

Updated on Jul 22nd 2021 · Read Now »

Visvanatha Cakravartin: Saṅkalpa-kalpadruma

Updated on Jul 18th 2021 · Read Now »

Visvanatha Cakravartin: Stavamrita-lahari

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