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Vaisnava-vandana :: Jiva Gosvamin

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This text was published by Biman Bihari Majumdar as Appendix "e" in his Chaitanya Chariter Upadan, pp. 101-112. His sources are not clearly specified, but he refers to (1) "Babaji Mahasaya's MS," and (2) a Baranagar Library MS. The first seven verses are only found in the latter MS.

This work is most likely not by Jiva Gosvamin. The major reason for doubting Jiva's authorship is the metrical inconsistency. Much of the text does not scan, inconceivable for a master poet like Jiva. This may well be the result of scribal error or annotation; I have made little or no attempt to critically examine or correct the text, but there are also other elements related to content that raise flags.

This vandana has many interesting features: some unknown names, relevant new information or confirmation about certain persons, etc.

Version 1.00 Jagat 2004-05-17
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Entry added: May 17th 2004
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Keywords: Jiva, Goswami, Vaishnava, vandana
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Warrants a closer look · Posted by Jagat on May 17th 2004 - 15:44 +0200
The early Gaudiya Vaishnavas had something of an obsession with lists of names of Chaitanya's associates, what Joseph O'Connell has called the "avatar generation." This less well-known text needs to be read in close comparison with other, better-know works like Gaura-ganoddesa-dipika and Devakinandana's Bengali Vaishnava-vandana.