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Premamrta-rasayanam :: Caitanya

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This work is doubtfully ascribed to Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, though Kusumasarovarawalla Krishna Das seems ready to accept it as such. One tradition apparently holds that Gadadhar Pandit wrote it and Mahaprabhu was so pleased that he claimed it as his own. I suspect that it was in fact written by Vallabha, who is also known to his sampradaya as Mahaprabhu. The fact that his son Vitthalanath Goswami wrote a lengthy commentary on the work and that it is well-known in the Vallabha sampradaya while being almost completely neglected by Gaudiyas seems ample proof. We will eventually publish this commentary also.

Two editions were used: Krishna Das's undated version and the one found in Stava-kalpa-druma. The main text is the former and the alternative readings in the footnotes come from the latter.

Text entered by Malika Das. (2004-03-18)
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Original written in: Unknown
Entry added: March 16th 2004
Entry updated: March 16th 2004
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