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Sanguisugabogg Merch | Sanguisugabogg Fans Official Merchandise Store
A member since December 20th, 2023 - 08:37 +0100
new york
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Sanguisugabogg Merch
In conclusion, Sanguisugabogg Merch offers an impressive range of products that enable fans to showcase their devotion while embracing their love for brutal death metal. From band t-shirts and hoodies to accessories, vinyl records, posters, and more, each piece delivers the perfect balance of brutality and style. Unleash your inner beast, wear your loyalty proudly, and dive headfirst into the cataclysmic world of Sanguisugabogg with their incredible merchandise collection.

Ohio’s boundary-pushing death metal act Sanguisugabogg exudes gruesome imagery through vocalist Devin Swank’s lyricism. The band’s 2019 four-track EP Pornographic Seizures and debut LP Tortured Whole showcase their ferocious approach to gnarly death metal.

On the new record, they deftly elevate their memetic violence without compromising the groove and heaviness of their music. For example, on the song “Dick Filet,” they sing about luring in pedophiles to hack off their dicks and fry them for a tasty snack.

At the end of their new track, “Cannibal Corpse,” Swank instructs the audience to “rip each other apart!” This is one of the coolest things we’ve ever seen a band inspire their audience to do on stage! Check it out below. And make sure to pick up a copy of Homicidal Ecstasy on vinyl or CD.