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How To Access Hidden Camera App On Kindle Fire HD
A member since November 2nd, 2023 - 13:56 +0100
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There are many hidden features available in the Kindle Fire HD Amazon device but here we will focus on the hardware and software one. The most interesting part over here is the camera app. This hidden camera app allows users for video, panoramic photos, and pictures as well. The standard camera of the Kindle Fire device has a front-facing camera that is used for video calls using applications like Skype. But you cannot take pictures or record personal videos from it. The blog of the camera app is not currently working with the latest version in this amazon fire customer service you to know the reason behind it. Amazon has changed the things with Android version and customized the forked version of it.

To access the hidden camera app on your device, first, you need to download the ES File Explorer to the Fire HD. The benefit of downloading the ES file explorer is you will able to access the other apps as well that are also hidden under the customized Android 4.0 of Amazon. This method to access hidden apps is free and easy to use apart from this it is easy to download from the Amazon app store. Follow the below-given steps to enable the hidden camera app along with other apps.

• Now, launch the ES File Explorer and click on the AppMgr at the top.
• Go to the next screen and select the category option.
• After that, select the types of windows that come up in this and choose the system apps.
• Now, the resultant list will pop out of all the apps of the Kindle Fire HD system.
• Choose the camera app icon because we are here for.
• Now, click to open.

Learn To Use Kindle Fire HD Camera: There are a few steps that will guide you about the using Kindle Fire HD camera do it carefully otherwise you need to repeat the process of using it. It does not mean that your Kindle device amazon fire tablet slow if it takes a few minutes to open because it will take a few seconds to open and come up in the actual working sense.

• Open the camera app, after that, you will able to take videos, panoramic shot videos, and pictures.
• The app includes some features like different effects, zoom dial, and other settings that enhance your video and picture quality. For example, select the video quality setting up to 1080p.
• The videos and pictures that you have already taken that you can access from the photo section device.
• You can also connect the Fire tablet to another device like a computer and browse to the DCIM folder and then the camera.
• However, taking shots with the front-facing camera isn't practical, and there's no way to create shortcuts for the app. Instead, you have to go to ES File Explorer every time you want to access it.

In this blog, you will get information about how to access the hidden camera app on Amazon Kindle Fire HD. There is a step that you need to follow and by the same steps you can also easily access the other hidden apps as well. Still, if you find any difficulty in opening the app and in terms of the Kindle Fire device then you can ask for the Amazon online expert team to help resolve your issue within a minimum time.