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How To Share Kindle Books

Amazon Kindle has a vast collection of digital content to read in its library. The best thing about this e-reader is that its digital content like books can be shared with kith and kin with ease. The Amazon Kindle is a compact device that can carry thousands of e-books anywhere by any of its users. The post is going to teach you how to share Kindle books with others in a few steps, while Amazon Kindle allows its users to share books with up to ten people. If you are facing any kind of issue with Kindle device then contact the Amazon Device Support team to fix it.

How To Share Kindle Books:-
To share Kindle books with others, you must follow the below-given steps that can be performed in a minute.

Step 1: Check The Books Eligibility:-
Before sharing any e-books to others, one must check its eligibility as many publishers or authors do not allow lending their books to others. To check the eligibility of books, go to the book’s Amazon product page and navigate to the “Lending enabled” logo which is located under the “product details” section.

Step 2: Link Your Accounts:-
You and the person to whom you want to share the books need to have kindle accounts to be linked to Amazon by way of following steps, such as access to the Amazon account and tap “your Account” and select” Content and Devices” under the “Settings” tab or select the “Household and Family Library” that will permit you add family members or friend’s account.

Step 3: Select The Book To Share:-
As you linked your account, the next step is to select the book you like to share. Access to your kindle library and look for the book you want to lend. Find the book title on the right side of the book and select the “…” icon, and then choose “Loan this title” soon you will have to type the email address of the recipient. If due to some reason kindle books not opening then contact the experts by follow the given link.

Step 4: Notify The Recipient:-
As you enter the email address of the recipient, Amazon will send a message to recipient, and it contains the process of downloading book. Amazon has prescribed certain rules for the recipient, like seven days are given to accept the loan and within 14 days book must be returned to the library. It means Recipient must read that book within given days. After accepting the loan, they can read the books for free either on kindle app or kindle devices with ease.

Sharing kindle books to others becomes an easy after reading the post. However, you come across any problem, you can contact to the online experts who are available around the clock.