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Mullayanagiri Hills, The Glory of Karnataka
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Mullayanagiri Hills, The Glory of Karnataka

Mullayanagiri is the highest peak in the state of Karnataka situated at an altitude of 1930 meters above sea level. Just 45 minutes away from Chikmagalur, the Mullayanagiri peak is situated in the Baba Budan Giri range of the Western Ghats, offering visitors a peaceful environment with temperatures ranging between 20 to 25 °C and mesmerizing views. . The summit is full of verdant meadows, and trekking routes, due to which Mullayanagiri is known as a hub for adventure enthusiasts, where tourists can enjoy activities like trekking, camping, mountain biking, and rock climbing. Overall, this place is a very special place for those tourists who want to enjoy adventure activities and spend time in solitude.

Taking a look at the history of Choti Mullayanagiri, the highest peak in Karnataka and the legends of the local people of the surrounding areas, the peak is named after the saint ascetic Mulapa Swami. Mulapa Swami was an ascetic who used to meditate on the top of Mullayanagiri Hill years ago after which this peak has been recognized as Mullayanagiri. There is also a small temple on the top today, in which the idol of Mulpa Swamy is established, which confirms this fact.

Mullayanagiri is not only famous for panoramic views but also for exciting adventure activities which make your journey stimulating and you will forget the hustle-bustle and chatter of the city completely. The major activities of Mullyanagiri Hills are hill trekking and companying. The main trekking routes are Baba Budangiri to Mullayangiri trek (Moderate) & Sarpadari to Mullayangiri trek (difficult with sharp ascents and steep climbs).

Mullayangiri Hills is as popular for its natural beauty as the Taj Mahal for its architectural beauty. You can plan for a worthy visit to the Taj Mahal just after the glaze of exotic flora and fauna through Delhi to Agra same day tour where all things will be set for you but you must consider Taj Mahal entry time to arrive in Delhi timely.

How To Reach

Mullayanagiri Hills is a major hotspot of tourists and lakhs of tourists come here every year to enjoy panoramic views of incredible beauty. Being a hill station there is no direct connectivity between flights and trains. The adjacent airport is Mangalore Airport which is 190 km away and the railway station is Kadur railway station which is around 60 km away. If you choose by flight or by railway then after de-boarding, book a cab to Mullayangiri Hills directly. If you want to arrive here by road then book a bus towards Chikmagalur from any city of Karnataka or have a cab or own vehicle to enjoy a road trip of Mullayanagiri hills.