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Hari-namamrita-vyakaranam :: Jiva Gosvamin

Downoad Harināmāmṛta-vyākaraṇam

This edition contains only the first two prakaranas of HNV, which covers (1) samjna and sandhi, and (2) vishnupada, or noun and pronoun declension. The full grammar contains 7 prakaranas in all, with nearly 4000 sutras.

I have added furthermore in the 0.2 version, the introduction written by the editor Puridas, no doubt based on notes from Haridas Dasji. More effort has been put into adding the valuable footnotes, which include citations from other grammatical works, though unfortunately these are frequently unsourced.

According to the introduction, Harekrishna Acharya began a commentary which was only completed part way through the Samasa-prakaranam (sutra 6.259) before leaving home and going to Vraja. This commentary was later completed to the end of the samasa-prakarana in 1846 CE under the same Bala-toshani name by Gopi Charana Vedantabhushana, who went on to write a separate commentary to the seventh prakaranam called Taddhitoddipani. The introduction also mentions another commentary by Radhakrishna Das, which was kept in manuscript library of the Govinda temple in Jaipur. This MS is written in Bengali script.

The commentary of Harekrishna Acharya has been published previously. This edition footnotes some of his comments (see verse 1 of the mangalacharan), but a fuller version will have to wait for another day.
Source texts
Puridas's magnificent 1947 edition, which I may add was given as a donation by Srivatsa Goswami of Jai Singh Ghera in Vrindavan. Many thanks to him.

A number of worthy scholars worked on this edition, including Nandalal Vidyasagara Kavyatirtha, Radhagovinda Das Kavya-Purana-Ragatirtha, Manmatha-manmatha Das Kavyatirtha, Baladeva Das Kavya-vyakarana-tirtha, etc. The young Kanailal Adhikari (not yet Panchatirtha), who went on to become the rector of the Nabadwip Sanskrit College and only recently passed away (2007).
Original written in: 1570 CE
Entry added: November 14th 2007
Entry updated: May 19th 2021
Views: 3425
Downloads: 371
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Credits: Jagat
Text version: 0.2 (legend)
Keywords: jiva, gosvamin, goswami, harinamamrtavyakarana, samjna, sandhi
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