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Ujjvala-nilamani :: 04 - Radha | Three commentaries :: Rupa Gosvamin

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Ujjvala-nilamani :: 04 - Radha ·   Three commentaries
Two texts have been used in making this edition. One is the Nirnaya-sagara edition, reprinted by Chowkhamba in 1985. This is the source for Jiva's and Visvanatha's commentaries (Locana-rocani and Ananda-candrika, respectively).

The other is the second edition of Haridas Das's edition in Bengali script, edited by Kanailal Adhikari in 1979, which is the source of Visnudasa's Svatama-prabodhini commentary.

This chapter is called Radha-prakaranam. It consists of a description of Radha, in particular her various attributes.

Jagat (2004-02-22)

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Original written in: Unknown
Entry added: February 22nd 2004
Entry updated: February 22nd 2004
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Character of the commentaries. · Posted by Jagat on February 22nd 2004 - 14:48 +0100
This chapter is a description of Radha, in particular her qualities. It is thus a particularly good chapter for Gaudiya Vaishnavas.

Jiva Goswami's comments are brief, but include a number of verses by Rupa Goswami that are not found in any of his books.

Vishwanath is at his best, providing original mise-en-scène for many of the verses--a unique approach to the commentarial art not seen often elsewhere and no doubt the inspiration for modern interpreters like Ananda Gopal Goswami and Ananta Das.

Vishnu Das provides detailed grammatical notes and alternative examples, making this a very rich combination of commentaries, complementing each other in a way that is rarely seen.