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Aisvarya-kadambini :: Baladeva Vidyabhusana

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An undated edition, published by Haridas Shastri of Kalidaha, Vrindavan, is the source of this text.

In Madhurya-kadambini, 2.1, Vishwanath says: "We have not taken up the discussion of the differences between the dualistic and monistic philosophies (dvaitAdvaita-vAda) in this Madhurya Kadambini. Those who wish to delve into this subject should study the Aisvarya Kadambini."

He does not say here whether the AK is his own composition or someone else's, but the implication appears to be that it is his own. The book posted here, attributed to Baladeva, however, contains seven chapters:
  1. bhagavat-tripAda-vibhUti-varNanaM nAma
  2. eka-pAda-vibhUti-bhagavat-puruSAdy-AvirbhAva-krama-varNanaM nAma
  3. vasudevo nandayo vRSNi-vaMzodbhavety-Adi-varNanaM
  4. zrI-nanda-nRpa-rAjadhAnI-varNanaM nAma
  5. sa-parikara-bhagavaj-janmotsava-varNanaM nAma
  6. bhagavad-bAlyAdi-krama-lIlA-varNanaM nAma
  7. zrI-gokulAgamanAdy-uttara-lIlA-varNanaM nAma
In other words, it deals with Krishna lila and has little or nothing to do with the philosophical differences between the various monist and dualist schools. So, I wonder if there is a second Aisvarya-kadambini somewhere, authored by Vishwanath.

(Jan Brzezinski 2003-05-26)
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Confirmation. · Posted by Jagat on July 15th 2004 - 20:59 +0200
Ananta Das Pandit's commentary to Madhurya Kadambini 2.1.

The name of this book is Madhurya Kadambini, which means a cloud bank showering the sweet nectar of Sri Krishna and devotion to Him. So, although Vishwanath recognizes that all devotees should have a clear understanding of the differences between the monistic and dualistic conceptions of God and the world and the living beings, he does not feel it necessary to discuss these matters here. The main purpose of this book is to describe the various stages in the development of bhakti. Therefore he sends those wishing to know more about these philosophical questions to another of his works, named Aisvarya Kadambini.

It is clear from this statement that Vishwanath Chakravartipada wrote a book named Aisvarya Kadambini dealing with these matters, but unfortunately it seems that this book has been lost. Sripada Baladeva Vidyabhushana, who studied the Bhagavatam under Vishwanath, also wrote a book of this name, which contains 134 verses in seven chapters (or “showers”). Baladeva's work does not, however, discuss the dvaitAdvaita-vAda, but describes the Lord's threefold manifestation (the spiritual world), the Lord's single manifestation (the mundane world), the presiding deities of these realms, the family lineages of Sri Vasudeva and Nanda, Sri Nanda's capital city, the Lord's birth festival, Sri Krishna's childhood and other pastimes, His coming of age and His ultimate return from Dvaraka to Vraja. Clearly, then, this is not the same Aisvarya Kadambini that is mentioned here.