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This section is a collection of resources we've found helpful and believe are of potential interest for our users as well. If there are more resources you feel deserve adding to the selection, please contact us.

Conversion tools

The world is full of preferences when it comes to transliterating Sanskrit. The following tools should be able to accommodate the needs of the vast majority of our audience.

  • diCrunch – Diacritic and script cruncher  ·  Open online tool
    Handles Balaram / CSX / (X)HK / ITRANS / Shakti Mac / Unicode / Velthuis / X-Sanskrit / Bengali Unicode / Devanagari Unicode / Oriya Unicode.
  • GGM Encoding Convertor (JavaScript) v1.30  ·  Open online tool | Read more
    Handles Balaram / CSX / HK / ITRANS / Unicode / Velthuis.
  • ITranslator  ·  Visit website
    For processing ITRANS-files into Devanagari and Roman transliteration.


The following macros are for use with Microsoft Word. These represent some of the more common conversions. Macros offering conversion between most transliteration standards can be generated with the diCrunch tool.

The above files are all in plain text format. Installation instructions are included in the files themselves.


The following is a selection of software that'll help in working both withour documents as well as in general with documents with diacritics or Indic text.

  • GGM XHK Keyboard  ·  Download | Instructions
    A Windows keyboard for entering Unicode diacritics with a Harvard-Kyoto keyboard mapping.
  • Balaram diacritic tools  ·  DiacWin | KeySans | DevaWin
    The first two small tools are input methods for Windows, the third converts Balaram to Devanagari.


Online resources

To complete your collections and to quench your thirst for knowledge, you may also browse the following sites.

In Sanskrit

In English