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Prince Merch | Official Merchandise Store | Big Discount
A member since November 9th, 2023 - 13:53 +0100
new york
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Prince Merch
Merchandising for any famous artist can be a challenging task. But it becomes even more challenging when that artist has passed away. Fortunately, Prince’s estate has found a partner in Bravado that can help with the challenge of creating merchandise that fans want to buy.

One of the most iconic pieces of Prince apparel is his love symbol hat. The hat broke the boundaries of gender-specific clothing and was worn by both men and women. The hat was also often seen on the head of singers and rappers.

KAVU’s Fisherman’s Chillba is a reversible, foldable, sun hat that is perfect for travel and adventures. It has a drawcord chinstrap and a stainless steel ring brim that holds its shape, even after being folded in your pack. The hat is made in Seattle, so you can support local business while wearing the hat. The hat is suitable for camping, hiking, fishing, and any other outdoor activity.
Tea Towel
Most households have a drawer or two stuffed full of tea towels in all shapes and sizes. A member of the towel family (which also includes hand towels, beach towels, and golf towels), tea towels are made from linen or cotton and are designed for use in the kitchen.

With his bouffant hair and funky moustache, this clever Prince tea towel makes a cool gift for any fan of the Paisley Park pioneer. It'll even look great as a piece of wall art when put into a frame.

While they may seem mundane, tea towels have a long and rich history, having been used to mark milestones in British history such as royal weddings and births, as well as for commemorative purposes. Artists like Vincent van Gogh, who famously ran out of canvases, often painted on whatever was close to hand - including tablecloths and tea towels.