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Mitsuri Cosplay | Mitsuri Cosplay Official Store | Big Discounts
A member since September 10th, 2023 - 09:10 +0200
new york
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Mitsuri Cosplay
Mitsuri Kanroji is a cheerful and kind demon slayer with an unwavering sense of loyalty to her comrades. She is one of the few people Kaburamaru trusts, and she puts her comrades' needs before her own. She is also a powerful swordswoman, and her unique style allows her to effortlessly take on multiple enemies. Mitsuri's dedication to her job and the people she cares about makes her a popular character to cosplay as.

To cosplay as Mitsuri, you will need the following costume and accessories. Then, apply makeup to create her eye-catching look. Finally, add a wig and secure it with bobby pins to ensure it stays in place while you're wearing it. Then, finish off your look with the Mitsuri Sword to complete your ensemble. You're now ready to step into the shoes of this beloved character and show off your skills!

Mitsuri’s colorful personality and fierce fighting skills make her a popular character among Demon Slayer fans. Her versatile costume can be a rewarding challenge for cosplayers looking to hone their crafting skills and attention to detail.

A devoted and passionate Hashira, Mitsuri’s smile can brighten up any dark place. She’s also one of the most confident swordsmen in the Corps, and her powerful attacks are often praised by other members. Despite being a powerful warrior, she’s very kind and thoughtful towards her fellow slayers, especially Obanai Iguro. Mitsuri has the largest appetite compared to her fellow Hashira, which sometimes results in her high food expenses. Her compliments in her head can be a bit over the top at times, but she’s an unwavering supporter of her comrades.