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Turkey Costume | Turkey Costume Official Store | Big Discount
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new york
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Toddler Turkey Costume
If your toddler is ready to gobble up Halloween and Thanksgiving treats in style, this adorable turkey costume is the perfect fit. It features a plush swirl fur body, character hood and slip on booties for indoor use. It is available in sizes 18-24 months and 2T-4T.

Parents know that kids love to make hand turkeys to plaster on the fridge, bring in for presentations at school or just because they're funny. But when you turn your whole kid into a goofy turkey costume, you'll have the best photo prop ever for Thanksgiving dinner and other fun holidays.

To make your own toddler turkey costume, trace a semi-circle of scalloped feathers around the back of a foam board and cut them out. Wrap the tail over your child's shoulders and secure with velcro. Paint a few layers of brown, red, and yellow paint over the feathers and let dry. When finished, hot glue a small piece of orange felt to the top of the tail for the beak and add a gobbler hat for a full turkey look.

Pilgrim Costumes
Pilgrim Costumes are in high demand around Thanksgiving. The Pilgrims, who sought religious freedom in the New World, helped to create one of History's great superpowers. They also forged a fascinating relationship with the Wampanoag Native peoples that demonstrates how diversity is strength.

These Pilgrim costumes can be worn for a Thanksgiving celebration, history lesson or school play. The boys pilgrim outfit comes with a traditional shirt, hat and pants. It fits most boys. The girls pilgrim costume includes a skirt, long-sleeved top and a hat. Complete the look with a white bonnet and collar.

Dress your kids in these authentic-looking pilgrim costumes and they will feel like the 17th century pioneers who bravely set sail for America. They'll love the chance to play pretend and become a part of this important piece of American history. Pair the girls and boy pilgrim costumes with a turkey or wolf costume for a family Thanksgiving day costume theme.