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How To Stop Kindle Fire From Automatically Changing Background
A member since July 21st, 2023 - 15:18 +0200
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Amazon Kindle Fire is one of the best tablet devices because of its unique features and functionality that are not present in any other tablet device. Kindle Fire can also be used by anyone from teenagers to adults and senior citizens. You can also enable the parental control feature to apply the restrictions only for limited access. You can also access features like auto-adjust, Alexa, Bluetooth connectivity, brightness sensitivity, audible audiobooks, screensaver changer, wallpaper, alarm, and many more. Help with kindle provides complete information about Kindle devices; for other relevant problems, you can visit the website.

This blog is dedicated to preventing Amazon Kindle Fire from automatically changing background issues. Most of the users don’t know but the Kindle Fire wallpaper rotation is controlled by the system file which any user easily changes through root access to stop background issues. Suppose you don’t know about the root explorer app and how to root your Amazon Kindle Fire that must be needed because it is an essential thing for this function that you need to stop. You need to give attention during the root process otherwise your device will face technical glitches like a kindle frozen screen but this type of issue can be easily resolved. Follow the below-given steps.

• Turn on your Kindle Fire tablet and unlock the device.
• Tap on the root explorer icon to open it.
• In the root explorer search the following folder “/data/data/”.
• In this folder you will get filed named wallpaper.
• Now, click and hold down your finger on the wallpaper file.
• An options menu will appear after holding your finger down on the wallpaper file.
• After that, you need to click on the permission option.
• Now, uncheck the boxes in the right column and leave the other boxes as they are.

You need to change the permissions works because suppose the owner and group are not allowed to write changes to the files, the Kindle will not be able to change the background automatically. No one can change the wallpaper including you after this permission has been set. For changing the wallpaper in the future just reverse the changes that you have made to allow group and owner write access.

In this blog, you will get information about how to prevent Amazon Kindle Fire from changing its background automatically. There are steps that you need to follow. If you find any difficulty during the process of rooting and any other thing then you can connect with the Amazon online expert team for the solution.