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How To Cast FireStick Using Android Device
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Amazon Fire Stick is enabled with lots of amazing features including mirroring, Alexa, Live TV and more. All the features of fire stick is extremely useful but some of them we don’t know what it is & what is use. People prefer to use Fire Stick plug and play feature and avoids its amazing feature because these need your time & efforts to enjoy.

Display mirroring is not just a feature but it is more then it. Display mirroring or casting allow us to watch any content of your mirrored device on the big screen TV. Through this feature you can enjoy Facebook videos, pics, chats, Instagram videos, reals, comments, camera videos, whatsapp chats, everything which you can see on your connected device. With this feature you can use your TV as your Phone or any smart device. If you want to communicate with fire stick experts then firestick customer service number is remain active round the clock.

Steps to Enable Mirroring Mode On Fire Stick:-

Follow these steps accordingly for the best result.

Step 1: Go to Home Screen of Fire stick
For the Home Screen you need to click home button on the Alexa remote.

Step 2: Go To the Setting of Fire Stick
On the Fire Stick home page, top of right side of home screen has a gear button which is a setting key. Click on it to get setting menu.

Step 3: Go To the Setting of Display & Sound
On the setting menu there will around thirteen options appear and click on the 4th one which has mentioned “Display & Sound”.

Step 4: Go To the Display Mirroring and Enable It
On the Display & sound menu only three options are available. Select the second one which says “Enable Display Mirroring”.

Step 5: Check The Display Mirroring Welcome Screen
Check the Display Mirroring Welcome Screen showing some text to connect device wireless for mirroring.

Now your Fire Stick is ready to mirroring but Android Casting is remaining so the next process to android casting is described below. During this process if your fire stick frozen then get instant help.

How To Enable Android Casting:-
To connect Android device to the Fire Stick we need to follow the steps on the android device after enable mirroring on Fire Stick. All steps are quite easy and can be perform by anyone.

Step 1 Launch the Settings Panel on Android
You should access the setting menu from the apps or go to voice search.

Step 2: Expand the Android Menu Bar for Cast Option
Different brand mobile has different user interface so it is difficult to tell where you will the cast menu. After expanding the setting menu type cast in search option.

Step 3: Tap the Smart View Icon to Mirror Android
Tap on the cast option which appear on the menu bar then switch to next step.

Step 4: Tap Start Now on the Android Device
Now you have to click on “Start Now” and after few seconds the android device screen will appear on your Fire Stick TV.

Both process are quite easy and can be performed by anyone. Through this process you will mirror your android device to your Fire Stick TV in few minutes. Here you can share your experience about this feature and this process.