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A Stunning History And Architecture Of Arcot Fort: At A Glance

Situated in the state of Tamilnadu at a distance of 26 KM from Vellore, Arcot has a wonderful history and is one of the best strategic locations to operate business between Madras and Salem. Its strategic location not only enticed Mughal but also several other rulers, including Maratha, Mysore, Cholas, Pallavas, the Sulatan of Bikapur, and Nayaks. The land of Arcot is known for great battles, which become a part of history and is known as the battles of Carnatic. It has been a great place to visit for tourists due to its mesmerizing history and a fusion of Mughal and Indian architecture. A large number of history and architecture lovers like to visit this place along with their family or friends. If you have a plan to visit this place, before executing your tour plans, go through this post that will provide you with a great insight into this place. Arcot Fort is as popular as the taj mahal in the world. If you become curious about the stunning beauty of the Taj Mahal then plan taj mahal sunrise tour by car which is just a few hours far from Vellore. Sunrise View is one of the most recommended visits of the Taj Mahal for extreme experience but it may bother the visitors because for this view they need to consider Taj Mahal opening hours.

History Of Arcot Fort:

The history of this fort starts by appointing Zulfikar Khan as the Nawab of the Carnatic during the reign of Aurangzeb, one of the last great rulers of the Mughal dynasty. In 1692, the Arcot fort was constructed by Nawab, Daud Khan. Later on, this area was ruled by approx 12 Nawabs. The city faced the wreath of Marathas’ rulers who plundered and conquered it in 1740. But they could not hold it for a long period, in 1751; it fell into the hands of British. In 1801, the East India Company merged this town into their presidency. It was the first fortified city that was Annexed and captured by the British. The invasion of the British was so fierce that made the city ruins. Before invasion of the British, this city was known for its Amazing Mughal architecture was built out of red sandstone. It also comprises wonderful Mausoleums of Saadatullah Khan I and Mosque which is known as Jama Masjid.

If you happen to be here, do not miss the sightseeing of Delhi Gate which is known to be separate attraction. The major general of British India, Robert Clive was so impress with it and decided to live at the top of this gate. As soon as the Delhi was captured by British, the monument was renamed by British as a mark of victory.
What Is The Best Time To Visit Arcot?
The best time to visit Arcot starts from September to March, you are recommended not to visit this place during the summers which are scorching hot that can make you sick.

How To Reach Arcot?

Arcort is well-connected by air; road, and train, therefore, tourists do not face any sort of inconvenience to reach there. The nearby airports are Chennai international airport at a distance of 100 KM, 90 KM from Tirupati Airport, and 253 KM from Bengaluru Airport. The nearest railway station is located at Walia at a distance of 7KM from Arcot. Using surface is going to be a nice option for travelers as well; Arcot is having an excellent road network to its nearby prominent cities.