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Sampradaya-mimamsa-patram :: Gauragovindananda Bhagavata Svamin

Found in the back of Krishna Das's Govinda Bhashyam. This short text (24 verses) defends the Gaudiya Sampradaya's connection to Madhva.

(Jagat 2005-08-19)
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Original written in: Unknown
Entry added: August 19th 2005
Entry updated: August 19th 2005
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Added by: Jagat
Text version: 1.00 (legend)
Keywords: sampradaya, madhva, gauragovindananda, bhagavata, svamin, swami, parampara
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Gaura-govinda Bhagavata Swami · Posted by Jagat on April 10th 2006 - 18:19 +0200
Haridas Dasji has given a short overview of Bhagavatananda Swami in his Vaishnava Jivana (pp. 302-315).

Born in a middle-class brahmin family in Jessore district, he left home at the age of 13. He wore saffron-colored cloth, which was given to him by a tantrik yogi while still very young. He went to live in Nabadwip where he studied Vaishnava scriptures. Wide travels in Vrindavan, etc. Of which seven years were spent living in a gupha in Kamyavana, living on madhukari. Later he preached extensively in East Bengal and Assam--Mymensingh, Silchar, Dhaka, Sylhet and Tripura.

Books: Kripa-kusumanjali, Sadhana-kusumanjali, Sri-guru-vaisnava-bhaktti-kusumanjali, Sri-guru-tattva-kusumanjali, Sri-lila-tattva-kusumanjali.

He left this world in 1942. His samadhi is in Nabadwip.