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Gopala-tapani Upanisad (Uttara) | Commentary by Bhagiratha Jha

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Gopala-tapani Upanisad (Uttara) ·   Commentary by Bhagiratha Jha
Bhagiratha Jha was a scholar of the Nimbarka sampradaya. This is by far the most exhaustive commentary on the Gopala Tapani, giving extensive insight into the Vedantic and Upanishadic background of the text. The author quotes many Vedanta commentaries.

This commentary, known as Vedanta-tattva-samiksha, has a lengthy refutation of parakiya-vada, an extensive analysis of Yogamaya, vyakhyas of the Kama-gayatri and the Kama-mala mantra, etc, etc.

Jagat 2005-07-05.
Source texts
Text used: (ed) Vihari Dasji Tyagi. Vrindavan : Gautama Rishi Ashram, 1949.
Original written in: 1949 CE
Entry added: July 5th 2005
Entry updated: December 9th 2007
Views: 1947
Downloads: 296
Other details
Added by: Jagat
Credits: Jagat
Text version: 1.01 (legend)
Keywords: Vedanta-tattva-samiksha, Bhagiratha, Jha, Maithili, Gopala, Tapani, Tapini, Tapaniya, Upanishad, Upanisad, Uttara, Nimbarka
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