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Devi Mahatmyam :: Markandeya Purana

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Devi Mahatmyam :: Markandeya Purana
This contains the Devi Mahatmyam plus all corollary texts needed for a complete Chandi Patha: dhyanas, Argala-stotram, Kilaka-stotram, Devi-kavacas, Aparadha-ksamapana-stotram, and Devi-sukta.

This document is originally from the Alkhemy Sanskrit site, (durga700.itx), contributed by K. Shankaran, Dhruba Chakroborty, and Ahto Jarve; proofread by Sunder Hattangadi. I have made further corrections and resolved compounds, etc., formatting for Word. (Jagat 2003-08-18)
Source texts
Original written in: Unknown
Entry added: August 19th 2003
Entry updated: August 19th 2003
Views: 7853
Downloads: 2325
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Added by: Jagat
Text version: 2.00 (legend)
Keywords: Durga, Chandi, Candi-patha, Saptasati, Markandeya, Purana, Kali, Mahisha, Mardini, Devi, Mahatmya, Shakti, Sakti
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Additional notes from the editors' research and selected discussion forum contributions.
Numbering system. · Posted by Jagat on August 19th 2003 - 21:33 +0200
There are two numbering systems for the Saptasati, arising from the fundamental problem that there are not 700 verses, but 579. The numbering system used in the Alkhemy site file is the fanciful one that arrives at 700. Thomas B. Coburn's book "Encountering the Goddess" (SUNY Pres, 1991) has both systems side-by-side.