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Bhagavad-gita :: Ramanuja Bhasya
Author: Ramanuja  ·  Language: Sanskrit
Bhagavad-gita :: Sankara Bhasya
Author: Sankara  ·  Language: Sanskrit
Bhagavata Purana :: Canto 02 :: Five commentaries
(Canto 2)  ·  Language: Sanskrit
Bhagavata Purana :: Canto 12 :: Four commentaries
(Canto 12)  ·  Language: Sanskrit
Author: Sankara  ·  Language: Sanskrit
Vedanta Sutra with Govinda-bhashya
(including references to Bhagavatam by Haridas Shastri and Ramapada Chattopadhyaya)  ·  Author: Baladeva Vidyabhushana  ·  Language: Sanskrit
(with commentary by Vyasa)  ·  Author: Patanjali  ·  Language: Sanskrit
(With three commentaries)  ·  Author: Patanjali  ·  Language: Sanskrit