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Danny Phantom Costume | High Quality Danny Phantom Costume | World Shipping
A member since September 22nd, 2023 - 08:51 +0200
new york
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Danny Phantom Costume
Danny Phantom is a popular character from the Nickelodeon series. This t-shirt features an image of the popular Nicktoon cartoon character and is designed with the pink ribbon symbol to promote breast cancer awareness. It is available in a variety of sizes, so women of all ages and body types can show their support for the cause.

When he turns 14, Danny Fenton is forced to live as half-ghost due to the activation of his parents’ Ghost Portal. Despite his initial lack of confidence, Danny eventually learns to use his powers to fight the evil ghosts that plague Amity Park. He is joined by his human friends, Sam, Tucker, and Jazz, to protect their town from danger. Among their most important weapons is the Power of Pink, which can transform objects into their pink form.

As a half-human, half-ghost, Danny is in charge of keeping the balance between this world and the ghost zone. He's joined by his eccentric, ghost-hunting parents Jack and Maddie, their sceptical oldest daughter Sam, and his misfit friends Tucker the geek and Samson the vegetarian goth. They fight a wide array of supernatural villians like Ember Mclain, Dark Danny, and Vlad Plasmius.

Paulina is a tan-skinned teenager with teal blue eyes. She wears a pink crop-top, light blue denim capri pants, and white slip-on shoes. This is the perfect outfit for any occasion, whether you're dressing up for Halloween or any other costumed event. You can even add a long black wig to complete the look. The hat is optional. You can make one yourself or buy it from a costume store.