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Razorveda - Personal & Intimate Care Brand
A member since September 11th, 2023 - 11:38 +0200
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The journey of Razorveda started 8 Years back with one single product and a vision to craft and offer herbal and sustainable solutions to Personal and Skin care problems faced by lakhs of women of every age. Interestingly, our sales happened via word of mouth and references during the starting days.
Razorveda is a 'women-empowering' Brand and works with a large number of scientists who are involved in the process, right from ideation, and conceptualization to the actual product launch. We believe this connection with women will continue to be the biggest driver of success. We have more than 100 scientists on board who help us in conceptualizing and formulating the products. The scientists then test these products, and only those with great feedback are approved for mass production.
Razorveda’s insatiable hunger to develop absolutely scientific result-driven products will keep leading it to offer an amazing experience to customers again & again & again.
The Razorveda Story
Being a result-driven organization, we have created a team of professional senior scientists and doctors from the inception of the organization to provide the most scientific and effective herbal solutions to our customers.
Razorveda was founded by Mr. Anant Sanadhya (B.Pharm, IIM Kolkata) with a vision to offer path-breaking herbal skin & personal care solutions.
Razorveda primarily deals in Women's Intimate Care and breast care products along with its flagship product Geluslim. Razorveda develops all the products with tones of research and it ensures the best quality ingredients are added to the product for timely excellent results.
Anant has a profound industry experience in Pharmaceutical Personal Care & Cosmetic LASER products. Being a Pharma expert, he always believed in and tried to solve complex skin and personal care problems with excellent of herbal solutions. Anant has worked hard with a team of scientists to develop excellent quality, result-driven skin care products to deliver the expected outcome on skin & intimate issues of customers.
The initial days were very tough, as the market was flooded with quacks. With his will and knowledge, Anant worked hard on the brand and expanded it to around 50 successful products to date. Initially, Delhi and NCR was the region of operations, but today we are serving Pan India and more than 5000 pin codes with multiple courier partners. Razorveda has added more than 1 million customers to its kitty and products are overwhelmingly accepted by the customers.
At Razorveda, we believe in offering natural, environmentally sustainable, clinically tested, and scientifically designed personal care products, especially for women. We use clinically proven essential oils & plant extracts in therapeutic concentration to give you the desired results. Our research team works day and night to create that magical potion for your skin and personal care problems. Our products are extensively researched and result-oriented. Razorveda promises to heal you naturally with proven results. Products are easy to use, convenient, easy to carry, and 100% organic in nature. Razorveda primarily deals in women's intimate care and Breast Care Products along with its flagship product Geluslim.
We are way ahead of the competition in terms of product quality, seamless customer experience, and in-depth knowledge of the category. Our customers are absolutely satisfied with the results of our products and since our formulas are patented no one can copy us.
Why Should You Trust Us?
Razorveda has created a personal and Beauty Care range with precision and perfection to solve skin and personal care problems with clinically proven results. A highly qualified research team works in certified plants with all safety measures, making sure that solutions are 100% natural, environmentally sustainable, organic, convenient, easy to use & carry, and over 100% result oriented. We believe in resourcing excellent quality raw materials to get the desired quality products. We make sure that our customers should get high value for money with utmost satisfaction. We have more than 1 million family members already over 8 years & adding more day on day.
The market is flooded with a range of herbal personal care products with tall claims on customers for results. But hardly any of the brands has been delivering the expected results to the customers. Be it from fairness cream to the most complicated serums for specific problems in customers. Razorveda attempted with its team of scientists to develop formulas of herbal origin to give results to customers for all skincare & intimate care problems. And Razorveda has been very successful in achieving it.
Quality is the only word that differentiates us from the rest of the market. Razorveda always ensures the therapeutic quantity of ingredients in the product with very superior quality of the same to give excellent results to customers.
Phone: 9319135065