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How To Disable Purchases On Fire Stick
A member since July 13th, 2023 - 16:45 +0200
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Amazon offers a wide range of digital content to stream via Fire Stick streaming device, moreover, it has a large content. Fire Stick users can purchase their favorite content from Amazon which can be streamed by their family members using many other devices. The Fire Stick is an online platform that helps its users to save hundreds of dollars each month. Sometimes, Amazon purchases become a good collection, and people get bored. If you find yourself in this situation, you can get rid of Amazon purchases. Many of its users are unable to disable purchases on Fire Stick. Taking their grievances into consideration, amazon fire stick support provides complete information that will help you resolve this issue.

When you have enough content and want to disable purchase on the Fire Stick. You can disable purchase on the Fire Stick by setting up a PIN via the parental controls. But you have to be careful with the process because sometime it will pop up with a technical glitch like a 1061 error code. Here are the steps that will help you how to set it up but all the below-given steps must be executed by you step-by-step.

• Switch on your Fire Stick and access its home screen using the remote of the Fire Stick.
• As you find the settings menu and select it, and then choose” Preferences”.
• After that select “Parental controls”.
• Finally, Toggle the “Parental Controls” option to On.

Now, it is time to enter numbers on the screen using the directional pad on the remote of the Fire Stick, While entering the numbers, you must pay close attention. You are advised to press the fast forward button thus you can see the numbers on the screen which you have entered. Make sure that you must keep the PIN Protect Purchases option ON.

Note: At the time of purchase of new content, you will have to enter the PIN which you have set. Thus, you can control both new purchases and disable the old purchase on the Fire Stick with ease.

This post has provided you with everything that you are looking forward to disabling purchases that are unwanted on the Fire Stick. If you come across any problem to overcome while getting rid of it, you can contact the online experts who are available around the clock to help you. The best thing to get Amazon online help is that they can help you in seconds.