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Shivneri Fort, Pune

Shivneri Fort is an ancient fort located in the city of Junnar in the Pune district of the Indian state of Maharashtra. Shivneri Fort is about 105 kilometers from Pune. Shivneri Fort is situated on a hill 300 meters high, to see which you have to cross seven gates. The main attraction of the Shivneri Fort is a statue of Shivaji with his mother Jijabai. Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj was born in Shivneri fort, who later entered his name in the pages of history.

Shivneri Fort is surrounded by slopes from all sides and these slopes attract the tourists coming here. The shape of the Shivneri Fort appears to be like a Shiva-pind which looks adorable. Shivneri Fort is visible as soon as you enter Pune's Junnar Nagar. Tourists come from far and wide to visit Shivneri Fort and admire the beauty of this fort.

Shivneri Fort is an example of the marvelous engineering knowledge as Taj Mahal In Agra. After visiting Shivneri fort you can explore such wonder of beauty and art through day trip to agra which also considers timing of Taj mahal, entry fee of taj mahal, pick up and drop at desired location to make a great visit.

History Of Shivneri Fort

In 1595, the Shivneri fort and its surrounding area came under the rule of Maloji Raje Bhosale. Shivaji Maharaj was born in this fort on 19 February 1630, but in 1632 Shivaji Maharaj and his mother left this fort. After this, in 1637 this fort came under the control of the Mughals. Shivaji Maharaj tried to capture the fort in 1673 but failed. Time passed and after a gap of 40 years, the fort came under the control of the Maratha Empire in the year 1716 under Shahu Maharaj who handed it over to the Peshwa.

Architecture Of Shivneri Fort

Shivneri Fort is a hill fort that is of a triangular structure. The entrance to the fort is on the southwest side. Shivneri Fort is surrounded by an earthen wall. The main buildings in the interior of this attractive fort are the prayer hall, the mausoleum, and a mosque. It is said that there is a mind-door inside the fort. There is a water tank in the middle of the fort complex which is known as 'Badami Talav'. There are two waterfalls named Ganga and Yamuna inside the Shivneri Fort, which are popular among tourists.

How To Reach Shivneri Fort

Shivneri Fort is located in Junnar city but the nearest major city is Pune. The nearest airport is Pune Airport (domestic) which is around 88 km far and the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, Mumbai is situated around 156 km. The nearest railway station is Pune station at a distance of around 94 km. You can adopt the option of by road to reach here through good highways and expressways towards Pune.