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Ujjvala-nilamani :: Part 01 – prakaranam 1-7 | Three commentaries :: Rupa Gosvamin

Ujjvala-nilamani :: Part 01 – prakaranam 1-7 ·   Three commentaries
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Chapter 1
The first chapter of the Ujjvala-nilamani deals with the characteristics of the leading man (nayaka), i.e., Krishna, his qualities and characteristics.

Chapter 2
The second chapter of Ujjvala-nilamani deals with the various male associates of Krishna in the madhura-lila, including the priya-narma-sakhas, etc.

Chapter 3
A description of the different kinds of Krishna's mistresses – svakiya and parakiya, those who are nitya-siddha and sadhana-siddha, as well as the subcategories of each.

Chapter 4
This chapter is called Radha-prakaranam. It consists of a description of Radha, in particular her various attributes.

Chapter 5
This chapter is called Nayika-prakaranam. It covers much of the same territory as is customary in classical works--dhirā, adhīrā, mugdhā, madhyā, pragalbhā, etc. The eight nayika avasthas are also elaborately described with hundreds of supplementary examples from Vishnudas.

Chapter 6
This is a shorter chapter, describing a category that is not found in other works of the genre. A yuthesvari is a nayika who dominates a group of gopis and competes with other similar dominant gopis. This originality probably leads to the absence of any supplementary examples in any of the commentaries.

Chapter 7
This chapter is called Duti-prakaranam. This is a rather more elaborate treatment of themes found in the natya literature. The principal inspiration for most of the chapter appears to be vyangya, as described in the dhvani school.
Source texts
Two texts have been used in making this edition. One is the Nirnaya-sagara edition, reprinted by Chowkhamba in 1985. This is the source for Jiva's and Visvanatha's commentaries (Locana-rocani and Ananda-candrika, respectively).

The other is the second edition of Haridas Das's edition in Bengali script, edited by Kanailal Adhikari in 1979, which is the source of Visnudasa's Svatama-prabodhini commentary.
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Entry added: April 3rd 2020
Entry updated: April 8th 2020
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Keywords: Visvanatha, Cakravartin, Jiva, Gosvamin, Visnudasa, Locana-rocani, Svatma-pramodini, Ananda-candrika, nayaka, Rupa, Goswami, Ujjvala, nilamani
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