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Brhad-bhagavatamrta :: Part 2 mūla & digdarsini ṭīkā | mūla and ṭīkā :: Sanatana Gosvamin

Brhad-bhagavatamrta :: Part 2 mūla & digdarsini ṭīkā ·   mūla and ṭīkā
This document contains the mūla and the dig-darśinī ṭīkā of Sanatana Gosvami himself, the author of the original work. This is the second and longer of the two parts, the Goloka-mahātmya-nirūpaṇam, in which Gopakumar wends his way through the various divine abodes to Goloka Vrindavan.

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For an edited mūla text, see this document: Brhad Bhagavatamrta Part 2 mūlamātram.
Source texts
Śrī Bhaktivedānta Mādhava Mahārāja' edition containing mūla, ṭīkā and Hindi translation:

Part 2 chaptes 1-4
Part 2 chapters 5-7
Original written in: Unknown
Entry added: December 13th 2019
Entry updated: April 17th 2020
Views: 1414
Downloads: 2
Other details
Added by: Vilasa Dasa
Credits: Vraja Mohana Dasa, Anupam Dasa
Text version: 1.0 (legend)
Keywords: brihad, bhagavatamrita, gopakumara
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