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Bhagavata Purana :: Canto 05 :: Four commentaries

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Bhagavata Purana :: Canto 05 :: Four commentaries
Complete edition of Fifth Canto. 1.03 is DOCX version.
Source texts
1. Śrīdhara Svāmin: Bhāgavata-bhāvārtha-dīpikā. (ed. Ramateja Pandeya, Benares: Chowkhamba, 1996). Text entered by Durmada Das and Jagat.
2. Jīva Gosvāmin: Krama-sandarbha (ed. Puridasa Mahasaya, Vrindavan, 1952) Text entered by Rasavarshi Das and Jagat.
3. Viśvanātha Cakravartī Thakkura: Sārārtha-darśinī (ed. Bhakti Ballabh Tirtha, Calcutta : Chaitanya Gaudiya Math, 1995) Entered by Jagat.
4. Madhva Anandatirtha: Bhāgavata-tātparya. As for Viśvanātha.
Original written in: Unknown
Entry added: July 26th 2016
Entry updated: March 15th 2019
Views: 331
Downloads: 58
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