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Yoga-sutra | With three commentaries :: Patanjali

Yoga-sutra ·   With three commentaries
This is the complete Yoga Sutra with the Vyasabhasyam, Tattvavaisaradi of Vachaspati Misra and Yogavarttika of Vijnana Bhikshu. I am calling this the 1.03 version. It was done over several years and only some portions have been properly proofread. Only a few variant readings have been noted. Shrivasava's edition has footnotes, some of which were added in the early portions. Karnatak's editions was used for most of the book.

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Source texts
Chaukhamba Surbharati Granthamala 140. (ed.) Suresh Chandra Shrivastava. Varanasi: Chaukhamba Surbharati Prakashan, 1973 (reprint 2006).

Patanjala Yoga Darshanam with Vyasabhasyam and Tattvavaisaradi of Vachaspati Misra and Yogavarttika of Vijnana Bhikshu. ed. and trans.) Vimla Karnatak. 4 volumes. Benares Hindu University, 1992.
Original written in: Unknown
Entry added: July 10th 2016
Entry updated: February 6th 2020
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Further notes
Special thanks to Swami Veda Bharati, without whom this would never have gotten done.
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