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Radha-sudha-nidhi :: Hit Harivansh | Part I :: Hita Harivamsa

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Radha-sudha-nidhi :: Hit Harivansh ·   Part I
Though the Radha-vallabha sampradaya has around 40 different commentaries of the Radha-sudha-nidhi, most are in Braj or modern Hindi. This one by Harilal Vyasa is the only one in Sanskrit and probably the most influential in the tradition.

The previous edition on-line contained only a few verses. The entire work has two volumes, which are now both complete and posted here. The first volume contains verses 1-135.
Source texts
Harilal Vyasa's commentary was published in two volumes, the first. (ed.) Baba Kishori Sharan. Vrindavan : Shyama Kunj, 2024 Vikrama (=1968).
Original written in: 1781 CE
Entry added: January 19th 2008
Entry updated: May 14th 2016
Views: 2089
Downloads: 257
Other details
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Credits: Jagat
Text version: 1.00 (legend)
Keywords: Prabodhananda, Saraswati, Harivamsa, Harivams, Hitaharivamsa, Harilala, Vyasa, Radha, Radhasudhanidhi, Radharasasudhanidhi
Further notes
The debate over whether Harivamsa wrote this work or Prabodhananda Saraswati did is rendered moot by the long tradition of commentaries in the Radha Vallabhi line, where the work was treated with far more favor than by the Gaudiyas.

If, as is my opinion, Prabodhananda wrote the work and offered it to Harivamsa, then it is also my opinion that we should have the good grace to honor his gift, even though we may love this work in our own way.

For this reason, I have filed this work separately from that attraibuted to Prabodhananda including the verses dedicated to Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, which are found in Gaudiya editions of the work.
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