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Vraja-bhakti-vilasa :: Narayana Bhatta

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I have included this as a smriti text because it describes the Vraja-dhama parikrama along with the appropriate rituals and mantras, etc. This is a real classic for the religious literature of Vrindavan Dham.

At present, this text is in great need of editing, but I have posted it anyway as I haven't the time to work on it right now. Since Karttika 2007 is coming up and many people will be doing the parikrama soon, it may prove useful to some pilgrims.
Source texts
This transliteration was kindly provided by Narasimha Das, who is currently in the Philippines. For the time being, I have no further information of his sources.
Original written in: 16 CE
Entry added: October 16th 2007
Entry updated: November 5th 2007
Views: 5790
Downloads: 423
Other details
Added by:
Credits: Narasimha Das
Text version: 1.00 (legend)
Keywords: Vraja, parikrama, Narayana, Bhatta, Vraja, bhakti, vilasa
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