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Bhagavad-gita :: Ramanuja Bhasya :: Ramanuja

Bhagavad-gita :: Ramanuja Bhasya

Download Bhagavad-gītā with Rāmānujāyārya's commentary

This visistadvaita commentary on the Gita is well known and needs no introduction.
Source texts
The basic version was taken from the Gita Supersite. It was checked against Shastri Gajanana Shambhu Sadhale's 11-commentary edition, reprinted by Parimal Publications in 2000.
Original written in: Unknown
Entry added: September 5th 2007
Entry updated: August 30th 2020
Views: 2603
Downloads: 448
Other details
Added by:
Credits: Gita Supersite, Jagat
Text version: 1.0 (legend)
Keywords: Ramanuja, Ramanujacharya, Gita, Bhashya, Bhasya
Further notes
This edition combines all the individual chapters that were previously stocked separately on the Grantha Mandir. It includes the 18th chapter, which was previously missing from the site. Corrections have been made as well as a few variant readings. There are likely more such alternative readings.

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