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Visnu-purana | with ṭīkā by Śrīdhara and Viṣṇucitta

Visnu-purana ·   with ṭīkā by Śrīdhara and Viṣṇucitta

Download Viṣṇu Purāṇa with commentary by Śrīdhara and Viṣṇucitta here

The mūla is complete. Commentaries are partly included.
The last chapter (6th aṁśa 9th chapter) does not include the commentary of Viṣṇucitta because this chapter is missing in the Naga Publishers edition.
Source texts
Parimal Publications (ed.), Śri Viṣṇumahāpurāṇam with Atmaprakāśa of Śridharācārya, Thaneshachandra Upreti, Delhi, 2003.

Granthamālā Kāryālayaḥ (ed.), Śri Viṣṇumahāpurāṇam with Viṣṇucitta commentary, PB Aṇṇaṅgarācārya, Kāñcīpuram, 1972.

Naga Publishers (ed.), Śri Viṣṇumahāpurāṇam, Dr. Śraddhā Śuklā, Delhi, 1998.
Original written in: Unknown
Entry added: May 11th 2006
Entry updated: June 16th 2020
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Downloads: 824
Other details
Added by: Nitai
Credits: Nitai, Jagat, Vraja Mohana
Text version: 1.0 (legend)
Keywords: vishnu, purana, visnu, visnucitta, vishnucitta, sridhara, shridhara
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