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Bhakti-rasa-vivecanam :: Krishna Vihari Mishra

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Samskrita-kavya-shastre Bhakti-rasa-vivecanan by Krishna Vihari Misra. Vrindavan : Harinam Press, 2035 Sam (1979).

This document contains chapters two and three of this work, namely Samskrita-van-maye rasa-vivekah and Samskrita-kavya-sastribhir bhakti-rasa-vivecanam. The first contains a discussion of the use of the word rasa in the Vedas, epics and puranas. The third chapter, more interesting, argues against the general refusal of the poeticians to accept bhakti as a distinct rasa.

Written in simple modern Sanskrit. Altogether quite a useful book. The other chapters, not yet posted are as follows:

  1. kavyatma-vimarsa, pp. 1-32
  2. samskrita-van-maye rasa-vivekah, 33-66
  3. samskrita-kavya-sastribhir bhakti-rasa-vivecanam, 67-85
  4. vaisnava-rasa-sastrodayasya prstha-bhumih, pp. 85-131
  5. bhakti-rasasya purva-pithika, pp. 131-146
  6. bhakti-rasasya samsthapaka äcäryäh, 147-178
  7. vaisnavacaryänäm bhakti-rasa-vivecanam, 179-220.
Krishna Vihari Misra, Sahityacharya, Vidyavaridhi, PhD, was the rector (pracharya) of the graduate studies program at the Sanskrit Mahavidyalaya in Vrindavan.

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