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Vedanta-syamantaka :: Radhadamodara Gosvamin

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Vedanta-syamantaka :: Radhadamodara Gosvamin

Source text: (ed) Haridas Shastri, Vrindavan (n.d., ca. 1980)

This book is sometimes attributed to Baladeva Vidyabhushan (by no less an authority than Haridas Das), but Haridas Shastri is of the opinion that it is the work of Baladeva's guru, Radha Damodar Goswami, the disciple of Rasikananda Prabhu's grandson Nayanananda.

The author's name is mentioned in the last verse of the book. (Haridas Dasji, following a slightly different reading, says this verse indicates that Baladeva wrote the book for the favor of his guru.) Baladeva also states that his Siddhanta-ratnam is an expanded version of Vedanta-syamantaka, but the styles of the two works are markedly different. Nevertheless, a thematic similarity with the work of Baladeva is clear.

This book contains six chapters, called kiranas. They deal with the following subjects:
  1. Pramana-nirnaya.
  2. Prameya-nirnaya. (establishes Krishna as Ishvara)
  3. Jiva-tattva-nirupana
  4. Prakriti-tattva-nirnaya
  5. Kala-tattva-nirnaya
  6. Karma-tattva-nirnaya
Not all references have been sought out.

(Jagat, 2006-04-15)

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