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Mantra-rahasya-sodasi :: Nimbarka

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This small book is ascribed to Nimbarka, though some scholars doubt this. The Mantrartha-rahasya commentary here is by Sundara Bhatta, who is 17th in the Sanaka-sampradaya. (Nimbarka himself being 4th.)

This text was taken from Vaishnava Ramachandra Das`s 1937 edition (Vrindavan).

2005-04-19 (Jagat)
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Original written in: Unknown
Entry added: April 19th 2005
Entry updated: April 19th 2005
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Downloads: 1124
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Additional notes from the editors' research and selected discussion forum contributions.
Gopala Mantra · Posted by Jagat on April 19th 2005 - 13:51 +0200
This rare text was discovered by me at the Nimbarka's Sriji Mandir in Vrindavan. It is of interest because it establishes the 18-syllable mantra as the diksha mantra of the Nimbarka sampradaya. The commentary by Sundara Bhatta may be the earliest reference to Gopala Tapani Upanishad. It also contains interesting observations on the guru-disciple relationship and the process of initiation.