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Prema-bhakti-candrika | Commentary by Visvanatha Cakravartin :: Narottamadasa

Prema-bhakti-candrika ·   Commentary by Visvanatha Cakravartin
The following text is taken from Ananta Dasa Pandita’s 2016 edition (Radhakunda: Caitanya Sastra Mandira). The commentary is attributed to Visvanatha Cakravarti Thakura.
It should be noted that the page sequence between pages 170 and 189 is incorrect in the print edition. Here, we have established the correct numbering of the verses.

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Source texts
2016 edition of Ananta Dasa Pandita (Radhakunda: Caitanya Sastra Mandira).
Original written in: Unknown
Entry added: December 22nd 2003
Entry updated: January 17th 2020
Views: 4430
Downloads: 1120
Other details
Added by: Jagat
Credits: Text keyed in by Advaita Das. Proofread by Robert Gafrik and corrected by Vraja Mohan. Sanskrit edited by Jan Brzezinski.
Text version: 1.1 (legend)
Keywords: Prema, bhakti, chandrika, Narottamadasa, Narottam, Das, Visvanatha, Cakravartin
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