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Caitanya-candramrta :: Prabodhananda Sarasvati

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Caitanya-candramrta :: Prabodhananda Sarasvati

2.00 Version (2006-05-29)

The editions used were
  1. Stava-kalpa-druma, (ed.) Bhakti Saranga Goswami. Vrindavan, 1959 and
  2. Sri-sri-caitanya-candramrita, (ed.) Bhakti Vilasa Tirtha. Mayapur, Chaitanya Math. 3rd edition, 1992.
  3. (ed.) Manindranath Guha, 1977
Texts without an alternative number are not found in either one of the editions.

The numbering system of the text given here is probably the original one. Another edition of Caitanya Candramrta is in circulation, which has been reorganized in accordance with Anandi's commentary. This version has now been published with the commentary on GGM. (Jagat)

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Original written in: Unknown
Entry added: May 26th 2003
Entry updated: May 26th 2003
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Downloads: 988
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Added by: Jagat
Text version: 2.00 (legend)
Keywords: Caitanya, Candramrita, Prabodhananda, Sarasvati, Saraswati, Chaitanya
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Additional notes from the editors' research and selected discussion forum contributions.
Prakasananda Saraswati · Posted by Jagat on May 20th 2006 - 16:36 +0200
The following interesting bibliographical information is found on TEXTS WHOSE AUTHORS CAN BE DATED on Karl Potter's Indian Philosophies pages. This work by Prakasananda on Advaita philosophy was written in the year 1505. Probably one or another of these articles or publications has delved into the Prabodhananda/Prakashananda question.

940.Prakāśānanda (1505)

1.Vedāntasiddhāntamuktāvalī (Advaita)

940.1.1 Edited and translated by Arthur Venis. Pan n.s. 11, 1889 - 12, 1890. Reprinted Banaras 1890, 1898; revised 1975

940.1.2 Edited by Jivananda Vidyasagara. Calcutta 1897, 1935

940.1.2.5 Edited Allahabad 1900, 1984

940.1.3 Edited by Mukunda Simha. Lahore 1914

940.1.3.5 Edited by Umananda with editor's Balabodhini Pradipika.Allahabad 1927

940.1.4 Summarized in Dasgupta II, 220-225.

940.1.5 Partly edited and translated by Ananda K. Coomaraswamy in "Two Vedāntic hymns from the Siddhāntamuktāvalī", BSOAS 8, 1935-37, 91-100

940.1.5.1 Edited Calcutta 1935

940.1.6 Edited with editor's Bhasanuvada by Premavallabha Sastri Sukla. AG 7, Kasi 1936

940.1.7 Rewati Raman Pandey, "Some philosophical problems of Vedāntasiddhāntamuktāvalī", WZKSOA 20, 1976, 167-186

940.1.8 Selections translated in HTR 209-213

940.1.9 S.A.Upadhyaya, "Tat tvam asi according to Prakāśānanda", BhV 40.1, 1980, Also PWIAI 195-202

940.1.10 Edited by Laksmisvara. Delhi 1996

940.1.11 Edited by Saila Varma. Allahabad 1999


940.2.1 T.P.Ramachandran, "Prakāśānanda", PA 216-220