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Narada Bhakti Sutra

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Narada Bhakti Sutra
Narada Bhakti Sutra. This edition has been collated by Toke Lindegaard Knudsen from a variety of sources. Comparitive readings are given. (2001-03-31)

The Narada Bhakti Sutra (IAST: Nārada Bhakti Sūtra) is a well known sutra venerated within the traditions of Hinduism, purportedly spoken by the famous sage, Narada. The text details the process of devotion (Bhakti), or Bhakti yoga and is thus of particular importance to many of the Bhakti movements within Hinduism. It has received particular attention among the Vaishnava traditions.

• Chapter 1 (verses 1-6) provides a definition of bhakti.
• Chapter 2 (verses 7-14) stresses the importance of renunciation and self-surrender.
• Chapter 3 (verses 15-24) provides exemplars of divine love.
• Chapter 4 (verses 25-33) endorses bhakti as the highest goal of human life.
• Chapter 5 (verses 34-42) provides suggestions on how to practice divine love.
• Chapter 6 (verses 43-50) explains the importance of seeking holy company.
• Chapter 7 (verses 51-57) discusses the difference between preparatory and supreme devotion.
• Chapter 8 (verses 58-73) covers the forms of divine love.
• Chapter 9 (verses 74-84) recommends the practice of ethical virtues and worship of God.

• Chapter 1 (verses 1-14) The Value of Devotion
• Chapter 2 (verses 15-33) Defining Bhakti
• Chapter 3 (verses 34-50) The Means of Achievement
• Chapter 4 (verses 51-73) Pure and Mixed Devotion
• Chapter 5 (verses 74-84) Attaining Perfection
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Entry added: May 26th 2003
Entry updated: February 1st 2017
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Keywords: Narada, Bhakti, Sutra
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