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Sat-sandarbha :: 2 - Bhagavat Sandarbha :: Jiva Gosvamin

Sat-sandarbha :: 2 - Bhagavat Sandarbha
Download Bhagavat Sandarbha here

The Bhagavat-sandarbha is the second volume of the Six Sandarbha series, which is Jiva Goswami's systematic theology based on the Srimad Bhagavatam. In this volume, Jiva demonstrates the personal nature of Brahman.

Jiva's Sarva-samvadini has now been completed and added as a supplement.

More information about the Bhagavat-sandarbha edition of the Jiva Institute
Source texts
The principal text used for transcription was the one edited by Dr. Chinmayi Chatterjee (Calcutta: Jadavpur University, 1972).
Subsequent corrections and the addition of Sarva-samvadini have been made from--
* (ed.) Kanailal Adhikari, Sri Mayapur: Gopinath Gaudiya Math, 1999.
* (ed.) Haridas Shastri, Vrindavan: Sri Gadai Gaurahari Press, 1983.
Original written in: Unknown
Entry added: May 26th 2003
Entry updated: May 31st 2020
Views: 2425
Downloads: 270
Other details
Added by: Jagat
Credits: Jagat
Text version: 3.02 (legend)
Keywords: Sat-sandarbha, Bhagavat, Sandarbha, Jiva, Gosvamin, Bhagavata, Sandarbha, Jiva, Goswami, Sarva-samvadini
Further notes
2016.06.23. It should be noted that the Bhagavat-sandarbha is now available with English translation from the Jiva Institute.

As I go through the Bhagavat-sandarbha more diligently, I have found numerous errors and made additions. Since I only have Haridas Shastri's version with me right now, I cannot tell whether these errors are the result of a faulty edition (i.e., the Jadavpur University edition, which unfortunately does seem to be full of omissions and errors) or due to my own faulty copying the first time around. At any rate, the current edition is being corrected according to Haridas Shastri. The work is only about 1/4 the way through. (Feb. 5, 2008)
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