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Comparison Between Kindle Paperwhite And Onyx Boox
A member since June 9th, 2023 - 15:41 +0200
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The Kindle Paperwhite and the Onyx Boox offer a great reading experience to their users as both are enabled with excellent features. Owing to its features, new buyers cannot pick the more appropriate one that suits their needs. Taking their requirements into consideration, fire tablet help comes with complete information that will provide you with their insight but you will have to be in the post till the end.

Here Are The Points To Be Considered:

The kindle paperwhite has seamless integration with the massive Amazon ecosystem, such as the kindle library and kindle unlimited, or kindle absolute subscription service, and features like Goodreads integration and Whisersync for getting a better reading experience. While the Onyx Boox supports several e-book formats, such as MOBI, PDF, and EPUB, this provides more flexibility and freedom to read. On the other hand, the Onyx Boox device comes with advanced features, such as note-taking ability, drawing, spelling check, and more versatility that is beyond reading.

• The kindle paperwhite’s dimensions are 174 x 125 x 8.1mm and it weighs 205 gram. The dimensions of Onyx Boox are 229.4 × 195.4 × 5.8 mm, along with its weight of 420g.
• The Onyx Boox comes with a 7.5-inch, and its PPI is 300. The screen resolution is 1872 × 1404 which is adjustable during the cold and warm light. The Kindle Paperwhite has 6.8-inch with 300 PPI. Its screen resolution is 1072 x 1448 pixels.
• The Amazon Paperwhite is enabled with IPX8 which does not let the device be damaged while dropping in water. On the other hand, the onyx box cannot be saved in water.
• The Amazon kindle paperwhite is an ideal device for those people who are suffering from dyslexia. While opening the dyslexic font, they can read their content easily.
• The battery life of Kindle Paperwhite on a single charge lasts for up from 6 to 8 weeks. While the Onyx boox’s battery lasts up to four weeks on single charge. The one thing is come out with the device is kindle fire slow due to a technical glitch.
• The Onyx Boox comes with an 8-core processor of 2GHz, and its memory is 4GB of RAM. Its memory can be extended using a microSD card. In contrast, the internal memory of the Kindle Paperwhite comes to 1 GHz and 512 MB of RAM which is lesser than that of Onyx.
• The price of the Amazon kindle paperwhite is $129, and the Onyx Boox is available at $ 238.87 which is more expensive than the kindle paperwhite.

The kindle paperwhite is a better device than the Onyx boox in terms of features and price. Therefore, more people are buying it. If you need more information, please feel free to contact the Amazon online experts.