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Creativity in computing
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Anybody may be creative; it's not just for artists. First, let's define creativity before looking at some examples and the advantages of creative thinking in computer science.
The capacity to generate fresh concepts to address issues and interact with others is creativity. Creative people are doers, not simply thinkers; they can make ideas come to life. They have the ability to generate ideas and put them into practise. People frequently mix up being "creative" and being "artistic". Actually, creativity serves a variety of purposes beyond those of performers in the arts, such as musicians and actors. You can use creativity in ANY profession, pastime, online dissertation writing service Leicester or practise in your life if you follow the definition we provided above.
Does computer science demand imagination?
Even though the majority of people do not instantly link creativity to computer science, creative thinking abilities are not only helpful for developers but frequently essential throughout the development process. Before starting to code a programme, developers describe the issue and consider various fixes. Computer scientists gain from an infinite number of alternatives and solution paths, where any solution is valid, in contrast to math classes where there may only be one correct solution to a problem. Originality and inventive problem solutions are important in this situation.
Developers may first be unsure of the approach they will use to address a problem. In the same way that writers begin by putting pen to paper to create something new, they explore and put their thoughts and ideas into action using code as their medium. They then refine and debug their approach until they find a workable answer. Once they have a functioning programme, they iterate once more to improve their design, for as by making the code shorter or easier to read. See how a software developer who works on the Halo video game series use this technique.
A developer is always revising their code and creating their own style, just like a painter could regularly polish a work of art or a writer might repeatedly update an essay. Learning to code necessitates creativity on the part of developers, especially when they can be tackling previously unsolved issues.
advantages of including creativity in computer science education
No matter what line of business they decide to go into in the future, all students may profit from knowing how technology operates and how to use it to produce something unique. 91 percent of young girls in grades 5–12 who participated in a recent study by Dr. Shalini Kesar of Southern Utah University described themselves as creative. Despite this, many young females do not associate computer science with their interests or job aspirations.
More students will be able to envision themselves as computer scientists and link coding with creating by situating computer science as a tool for students to express themselves. Students' self-confidence, independence, problem-solving abilities, and other 21st century skills can all be improved by allowing them the freedom and assistance to create projects that fit their various passions while embracing the principles of computer science.
When students can include their distinctive interests and make decisions about how to apply computer science principles, they become more interested. You may assist by incorporating student-driven coding projects into your lessons and encouraging learners to express their creativity. We can reach more kids who would not have been interested in computer science if we reframe coding as a creative process.