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shinobi no ittoki what does it mean
A member since December 30th, 2022 - 14:45 +0100
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Get better anime for your preferences.

this anime is so perfect, i dont know why people hate it. it has a realistic plot, authentic characters, and the story and animation is really good especially for being a live action anime. there are so many great things about this anime that anyone would be able to enjoy it and not get bored of it in even one episode!

I used to watch Naruto and in the beginning it was amazing! Even the early episodes of One Piece were good. But now i just find myself waiting for my anime to end, if it's going to have a cliffhanger and then there's no chance that they're gonna come back and finish it. In this fandom I wish there was more continuity between seasons/episodes/movies.

shinobi no ittoki what does it mean to be a shinobi. It is said that for a man to be a true shinobi, he must have complete control over his mind and body; in order to do so, one must first separate himself from the world. Only then can he reside within the realm of Kami. This belief has defined most of the world's shinobis both historically and contemporarily.