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The developer of the Grantha Mandir software
A member since March 13th, 2002 - 13:46 +0100
Yogyakarta, Indonesia
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Born 1980, roamed about and wondered the ways of the world. Found attraction to maha-mantra in 1995 and subsequently got in touch with ISKCON. Married after five years of brahmacari-life and explored Gaudiya Math. Got back to the roots, found my way to Radha-kunda and the blessed company of bhajananandi-saints. Back home!I maintain Gaudiya Grantha Mandira, Bhasa.Net and a number of other Vaisnava-related websites. Settled at Radha-kunda since September 2006, the meaning of sadhana is growing by the day. Obsession over authenticity available from thorough knowledge of scripture bewitches me. Studying Bengali since a couple of years, and since last year in a live environment. Sanskrit is a long-term pet project on the back-burner. Hindi is currently in works, reading teach-yourself books and chattering with the locals as I am.