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Alankara Kaustubha | mulamatram - critical edition :: Kavi Karnapura

Alankara Kaustubha ·   mulamatram - critical edition
Editor: Gaurapada Dāsa
completed in 2015.

Gaurapada Prabhu kindly donated his critical edition of Alankara Kaustubha to Grantha Mandir. This work explains the theory of kāvya with Gauḍīya-vaiṣṇava examples.

The number of each kārikā is in parenthesis at the right of the kārikā. When a kārikā is separated into multiple sūtras, each with its own vṛtti and udāharaṇa, then the letters A-D encode the four padas of the kārikā.

The kārikās are numbered following Pūrī Dāsa.

In addition, we reference citations within Alaṅkāra Kaustubha with the running verse number, which enumerates both kārikā, vṛitti, as well as udāharaṇa. However, references to Kāvya-prakāśa and Sāhitya-darpaṇa are given to the number of the kārikā in the respective work.

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Source texts
Source texts:
1) Purī Dasa’s edition (Vrindavan, 1947) (Bengali script);
2) Ravi-Śaṅkara Nāgar’s edition (Parimal Publications, Delhi, 1993)
3) scans of a manuscript from a university in Cologne, Germany.
4) We also looked at Haridāsa Śāstrī's reprint, in Devanagari script, of Purī Dasa’s edition (Vrindavan, 1989). Purī Dāsa says he consulted six manuscripts.
Original written in: Unknown
Entry added: December 27th 2019
Entry updated: March 27th 2020
Views: 1280
Downloads: 0
Other details
Added by: Vilasa Dasa
Credits: Gaurapada Dāsa
Text version: 3 (legend)
Keywords: Kavya, Kavi, Karnapura, Alankara
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