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Suksma Tika Chapter 3 | Commentary on Govinda Bhasya :: Vedantavagisa

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Suksma Tika Chapter 3 ·   Commentary on Govinda Bhasya
Publisher: Krishna Gopal Bhakta
Publication Date: 2015-11-09
Printed by Rakhal Chandra Mitra
Source :
Source texts
A sub-commentary on Govinda Bhāṣya, attributed to Vedāntavagīśa
Original written in: 1755 CE
Entry added: November 18th 2019
Entry updated: December 7th 2019
Views: 1224
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Other details
Added by: jlessard902
Credits: Vraja Mohan
Text version: (legend)
Keywords: Govinda-bhasya, Vedanta-sutra, Brahma-sutra, Baladeva, Vidyabhusana
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