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Sri-krsna-lila-stava :: Sanatana Gosvamin

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I have taken this text from my longtime companion, my well-loved copy of Stava-kalpa-druma (ed.) Purushottam Das and Bhaktisar Goswami, Vrindavan, 1959, pp. 427-463.

This is a poem of 432 verses in mostly anusthup meter in 108 sections describing Krishna lila up to the killing of Kamsa. It consists mostly of Krishna's lila-based names in the vocative or accusative case. The last few sections include verses to Jagannatha in Puri, to Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, and to the Bhagavata itself.

I have included it here in the Bhagavata section because, in its own way, this is a commentary on the Bhagavatam. The PDF version of this stava can be found in the Stotra/Gaudiya section.

Jagat (2006-04-24)
Source texts
Stava-kalpa-druma (ed.) Purushottam Das and Bhaktisar Goswami,
Vrindavan, 1959, pp. 427-463.
Original written in: Unknown
Entry added: April 24th 2006
Entry updated: May 22nd 2019
Views: 3408
Downloads: 729
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Jagannatha and Chaitanya stavas · Posted by Jagat on April 24th 2006 - 13:13 +0200
zrI-jagannAtha-deva-stavaH |

zrI-jagannAtha nIlAdri-ziro-mukuTa-ratna he |
dAru-brahman ghana-zyAma prasIda puruSottama ||398||
praphulla puNDarIkAkSa lavAbdhi-taTAmRta |
guTikodara mAM pAhi nAnAbhogapurandara ||399||
nijAdhara sudhAdAyinn indra-dyUma-prasAdita |
subadrAlolana-vyagra rAmAnuja namo=stu te ||400||
guNDicA-rathayAtrAdi-mahotsava-vivardhana |
bhaktavatsala vande tvAM guNDicA-ratha-maNDanam ||401||
dIna-hIna-mahAnIca-dayArdrIkRta-mAnasa |
nitya-nUtana mAhAtmya-darzin caitanya-vallabha || 402||
namaH ||103||

O Lord Jagannath! O crest-jewel of the blue mountain!
O wooden form of Brahman! O dark-skinned Lord! Supreme Person!
Be merciful to me.

You have blooming lotus eyes,
You relish your residence on the shores of the salt ocean;
you have a pot belly, relishing all the various kinds of food offerings.
Deliver me.

You bestow the nectar of your own lips to all;
you were satisfied by the service of King Indradyumna;
Obeisance to you, the younger brother of Balaram,
always eager to accept the sisterly affection of Subhadra,
you increase everyone's joy with the annual festivals
in the Gundicha temple and on the Rathayatra cart;
I worship you, who take care of your devotees,
who adorn the chariot that takes you to Gundicha.

Your mind is moist with compassion
for all the most fallen and most wretched;
you are ever new, you reveal your glories;
you are the beloved of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu.
Obeisance to you!

zrImac-caitanya-deva tvAM vande gaurAGga-sundara |
zacInandana mAM trAhi yati-cUDAmaNe prabho ||403||
AjAnubAho smerAsya nIlAcala-vibhUSaNa |
jagat-pravartita-svAdu-bhagavan-nAma-kIrtana ||404||
advaitAcArya-saMzlAghin sArvabhaumAbhinandaka |
rAmAnanda-kRta-prIta sarva-vaiSNava-bAndhava ||405||
zrI-kRSNa-caraNAmbhoja-premAmRta-mahAmbudhe |
namaste dInadInaM mAM kadAcit kiM smariSyasi ||406||
namaH ||104||

O beautiful Chaitanya Deva, I worship you
who have appeared in a beautiful golden form.
Deliver me, O son of Sachi, O master,
O topmost member of the sannyasa ashram.

You have all the physical features of greatness:
your long arms reach your knees
and your face is decorated with a smile.

You are the ornament of the land of Nilachala.
You have appeared in this world
to inaugurate the chanting of your relishable holy names.

You are accompanied by Advaita Acharya Prabhu
you bring joy to Sarvabhauma Bhattacharya.
You are delighted by the service rendered you by Ramananda
and you are the friend of all the Vaishnavas.

You are the great ocean of nectarean love for the lotus feet of Sri Krishna.
I bow down to you and beg you to remember me, sometime or another,
for I am the most wretched of the wretched.
Obeisance to you!