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Ananda-bhairava :: Premadasa

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See Agama-sara for the publication details.

This is the second of the four books. The attribution to Premadas comes from the sole manuscript from the Calcutta University Library that was used in publishing this edition. This Premadasa is not the famous padakarta who also wrote Vamsisiksha. The MS date is 1239 Bengali (= 1833 AD), which must be the date of copying.

The text follows the format of a conversation between Srikanta and Padmavati. The subject is the external (bahya) and internal (antar) sadhanas. The former refers to the physical practices, the latter to the culture of bhava and prema.

(Jagat 2006-02-17)

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Original written in: Unknown
Entry added: February 17th 2006
Entry updated: May 22nd 2019
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Added by: Jagat
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Keywords: Sahajiya, Bengali, Premadasa, Anandabhairava
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