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Hari-namamrta-sindhu :: Vipinavihari Gosvamin

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This is a work on the holy names by Vipinavihari Gosvamin, the guru of Bhaktivinoda Thakura. It was published in 1879 and includes both Sanskrit and Bengali. It contains 12 tarangas (waves) of which only the first and part of the second are included here. More will be coming later. It was found in the British Library (shelfmark VT1850).

(Neal Delmonico 2004-03-30)
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Original written in: Unknown
Entry added: March 30th 2004
Entry updated: September 29th 2007
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Added by: Nitai
Text version: 0.10 (legend)
Keywords: Hari-namamrta-sindhu, Vipinavihari, Bipin, Bihar, Goswami, Harinama
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