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Sisyadhivrddhida-tantra :: Lalla

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The Sisyadhivrddhidatantra of Acarya Lalla (ca. beginning of the eighth century CE) consists of 22 chapters, the first 13 forming the Ganitadhyaya and the remaining 9 chapters forming the Goladhyaya. It is the only astronomical work of Lalla that is still extant. This present electronic edition, typed for the Gaudiya Grantha Mandira by Toke Lindegaard Knudsen, consists of chapter 20 (chapter 7 of the Goladhyaya), entitled Mithyajnana. This chapter, in which Lalla criticizes a number of astronomical ideas found in the puranas, such as the Earth being flat, the Sun being closer than the Moon, Rahu being the cause of eclipses, etc., is interesting in that it shows the reaction of indigenous astronomers to the cosmology described in the puranas. (From Toke's introduction to the text)
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